Poisson is a unique and innovative French-Japanese fusion restaurant that offers an exciting and diverse dining experience. With a focus on fresh and high-quality ingredients, the talented chefs at Poisson expertly blend traditional French techniques with the flavors and techniques of Japanese cuisine to create dishes that are both sophisticated and contemporary.

The elegant and modern dining space features an open kitchen where diners can watch the chefs in action, as well as comfortable seating and beautiful décor that creates a relaxing and inviting atmosphere. The menu at Poisson features a wide range of dishes, including small plates, sushi, sashimi, and entrees that showcase the best of both French and Japanese cuisine.

From the crisp and refreshing French rosé wine to the delicate and flavorful Japanese sake, the beverage menu at Poisson is carefully curated to complement the food. The knowledgeable and friendly staff at Poisson are always happy to offer recommendations and assist with menu choices, ensuring that each and every dining experience is truly special.


I was tasked with creating a minimal yet extravagant visual identity for a French Japanese fusion restaurant named Poisson.

As I began my research, I was struck by the contrast between the two cultures represented in the restaurant’s menu. French cuisine is often associated with opulence and an extravagance, while Japanese cuisine is known for its minimalism and simplicity.

With this in mind, I set out to create a visual identity that would capture the essence of both cultures, while also expressing the unique fusion of flavors and techniques that make the restaurant’s cuisine so special.

I decided to use a simple, sans-serif font for the restaurant’s name, which would provide a clean and modern aesthetic. For the color scheme, I chose a bold and striking red, which is often associated with both French and Japanese culture. The other color used is blue, reminiscent of the sea and ocean.

The entire goal for this design was to create an identity that would capture your attention, while keeping it clean, extravagant and minimal. Because of this, the colors and overall images used are limited.
Afterall, Poisson is meant to be a place not only for meetings and serious discussions, but also a place for celebrations and an overall once-in-a-lifetime experience.