alexandra chloe winkel.

the heroes of covid.

The heroes of covid is a series of photographs taken of employees with jobs in the front lines. These photos were taken back in March, April and May of 2020, when covid was brand new to the Czech republic. 

The streaks bleeding in to the images symbolize chaos, confusion and different opinions. The colors on the other hand symbolize the flag of quarantine, they scream danger and unknown. The words covering every image are descriptions for the certain positions that were used online or by the citizens on the photos. 

In an apocalypse-world-like-situation all we could see to distinguish people from each other were their eyes, remember them, memorize their creases, their sagging tired skin, this is covid and this is what it has done.

News, whether fake or real spread through social media like wild fire – especially when it came to the early beginnings of covid. Our front line workers were either praised or shoved to the ground. Here’s some of that praise. Thank you.

the police officer

the pharmacist

the nurse

the doctor

the psychologist

the delivery boy

the red cross employee

the teacher