alexandra chloe winkel.

0pa is a project created for my graduation. It’s a company that brews non alcoholic beer with the goal to make social experiences less stressful for people who don’t drink. 

As someone who doesn’t drink I’ve always hated people asking me why, forcefully pressing a glass full of liquid gold in to my hand and wondering why i won’t take a sip. It got to the point where I wasn’t invited to events, simply because I didn’t drink. I never judged people who drank to their heart’s full content, but I was still deemed boring.

0pa was created to be something that would force you to look, bright red billboards decorating the street, interesting line art untangling on the labels, that’s 0pa’s soul. 

A conversation starter, a chance to have fun, a tasty treat, that’s 0pa.



/ Info:

Target group: young people, ages 18-35 who feel pressured to drink on a day of partying.

Company color: I chose red, due to the color changes beer goes through during the sunset and while club lasers are hitting it.

Inspiration: Korean line art graphic design.


Now, let’s look at a quick presentation:


0pa was my passion projects for a while, she was also stressful and exhausting. This project was judged by around ten people and ended up passing with flying colors. She will forever remain close to my heart.